Votre spectacle de music hall de renommée internationale

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  • How could he fully enjoy himself at a barn dance without a woman to dance with? Yes, she replied, resigned to the task ahead of her.
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  • Take a swig, but be careful not to dribble on your dress.
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  • He dug into his pocket and pulled out a couple of bullets.
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    Spectacles et cabaret Music Hall international au Royal Palace de Kirrwiller (Alsace). Une revue et des diners spectacles pour tous !
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    She crawled out of bed and found a beautiful threequarter length satin lilac robe draped over the end of the bed.
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    The cattle are in the pasture out thataway and there are the crops, or rather that is where the crops will be once harvest comes.
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  • She refused to let Buddy stay in the house while she wasn t there to make sure he didn t use her clean floors as a toilet. I am weary of lovely, powdered, primped ladies offering vacuous stares and bewildered looks should I dare make mention of a word exceeding two syllables in conversation.
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  • Surely, she quit once you were born, Miriam insisted, holding onto the back of the chair in front of her.
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  • It would displease Elsa, if she heard that you were missing.
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